The more you see... the better you manage...

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hello !
My name : Yasser Maslamani - Msc. phamacy/ reasonable CGM background :)

the aim of this website is to gather needed information -with preserved rights-in order to enable diabetics from seeing ,exploring their glycemic status , analyzing frequent pattern,learn more about their disease so they can take prudent clinical actions which lead to optimum diabetes management .

you  will find many tips and hints extracted from experts knowledge of diabetes and technology ,if followed may change your life towards much better quality .
Remember that diabetes is chronic ailment characterized by abnormality in blood glucose level and the only way -up to now -to mange it is to monitor glucose level frequently . and take proper actions .
the advent of CGM -since more than 20 years- made this possible but suboprtimal accuracy still an issue so CGM are subject to continuous improvement from both : technical and medical angles ;well grasp of this discipline requires dual understanding of both angles!

Unfortunately i am pharmacist only -have no technical background :(
however i will try my best to illustrate these issues with the assistance of you and other IT specialists in order to make matters simple and digestible !
stay with me and i promise we will learn together new things..

always... remember our slogan (which is the real rational of all CGM)

            "the more you see;the better you will manage ... "