Toward: Dynamic Diabetes management....

 Thanks to Dr.steven Ponder (CDE)  the godfather of this valuable  concept ,personally,i learned a lot from him .:

1- 25 yrs CDE
2-33 yrs deals with   diabetic adults and children
3-50 yrs being a diabetic
4-wears a CGM device for 6 yrs

Sugar Surfing is is a process but not a result; it is based on dynamic diabetes management;
each moment is different so it has to be treated as it occurs.
blood glucose is in continuous change also plenty of variables may guide its moving direction :
same variable may lead to multiple responses because of unusual situation.
what i want to say that prediction of glucose behavior is not easy without previous response observing /trending tracking and this will be doable through "continuous glancing "
micro blousing and micro carbing are so important in order to explore the hidden pattern of our glucose behavior .
i.e minimizing variables as much as we can so any obvious effect will be -mostly-related to that factor .

sugar surfing is :
What is Sugar Surfing?
Sugar Surfing is a metaphor for Dynamic Diabetes Management, also known as “managing the moment”. It’s based on an awareness of one’s blood sugar trends using a continuous glucose monitoring system or by use of frequent blood glucose checks with a handheld meter. By viewing blood glucose trending, a person can make self-care choices earlier and at times more aggressively than with old-style single point in time blood sugar information. Sugar Surfing represents a paradigm shift in how type 1 diabetes can be managed by individuals or involved families.

three virtues of sugar surfing :
1-patience (to wait for a real action of a given patient before taking any action!!
2-consistency (by practicing -only-we can state/constant standard interventions whenever needed)
3-resilience (discovering our glucose dynamic by trial and error till satisfied ;i.e the exact effect of carbs and insulin on our blood sugar :

In summary,

* sugar surfing requires your live assessment of your diabetic -dynamically - static approaches are not accepted -unless as starting point only-
* each day in your diabetes is different and may require unique management
* proper calibration is the core of successful sugar surfing
* "Plan.Do.Act.Check" repeat this cycle each day and learn from your errors till proper solution is found
* in order to minimize unwanted outcomes slight deviation are implemented and its effect will not be major
and it can be corrected if improper or hyper activated if okay. nice presentation by Dr.Steven Ponder :

* top tips of sugar surfing :

1-nail down your basal requirements, ,fewer are much better than more
2-calibrate carefully and regularly
3-glance often
4-well understand your body behavior
5- you are unique,do not compare yourself to others

* try to act proactively and re actively.

*identify significance of an event ,glucose change through :

  1. current (what are doing now )
  2. anticipated (actions/omissions)
  3. recent (actions/omissions )
  4. experience (your own )
i.e  changes might be significant or not ,so in order to take the most suitable action ,we need to consider the above factors
before taking any action (like insulin dosing-CHO intake or simply nothing ?!)remember that : patience is one of the major virtue of Sugar surfing......

sugar surfing (nice brief )​​​

sugar surfing 

Sugar surfing for school nursing ​​​