ISCT  (insilico clinical trial )

 Provides large amount of virtual data which are subject to extreme cases of glucose variability which enable us to assess –precisely- the efficacy ,safety of CGM obtained measurements to be considered as non-adjudicative glucose monitoring system….

advantages over other clinical trials :

  i) low cost and low time for realization;

 (ii) possibility of generating thousands of virtual results

 (iii) possibility of testing extreme cases (e.g., investigating insulin dosing using CGM sensors with bad accuracy)

 (iv) the possibility of testing the effect of using device A in place of device B in the same identical scenario, which means, in our case, testing what would have happened by using CGM in place of SMBG data for insulin dosing. However, to generate reliable results from ISCT, a large-scale simulation model is required that is able to describe both the physiological variability present in the population under analysis and the variability observed on the technology behavior

what is it ?  see below :

in silico clinical trials

As nutshell:

ISCT is suitable method used to test CGM sensor to evaluate its performance.....

later on... a nice presentation will explain it in detail ...