Recently ,the advent of FGM changed the game of glucose monitors ,really; its a game changer !!

However FGM shares  a lot of common features with CGM but there are  absolute differences between both .

Since it is launched; FMG  requires no calibration ,but recently  some CGM become similar !lack of calibration becomes no longer a distinguish between both.

Reports types claimed to be easier compared CGM ,recently many CGM  adopt AGP -the most informative reporting method !!

Sensor age was longer in FGM compared to CGM,recently Sensor age 

(CGM manufacturers) is subject to extensive research  in order to be be worn for a longer period ! 

(Implantable CGM could be worn for more than three moths,but be implanting procedure should be done by trained HCP )

till now ,there is one real deference exists between both :

FGM does not provide you with a real time reading unless you scan the sensor (no continuous glucose reading /streaming) while CGM -vial Bluetooth /low energy-  readings are continuously measured and transferred every (5 or 10 min -it depends ) to hand held receiver or mobile app ;this process is done through transmitter which is missing in FGM system .

this implies that alarms  of low or high reading  are not found-also-in FGM  because there no streaming !even with the new generation of FGM ,alarm in triggered when reading is low/high or signal loss ,FGM measures glucose continuously  (every one minute  but without automatic streaming! so if something went wrong ,an alarm would be heard  but will be silenced by scanning .

Honestly,Freestyle libre is the only FGM available ,in my opinion; FSL expands our vision toward better diabetes management:

1- FS libre enables  us  to track our glucose step by step without the hassle of finger pricking 

2-"Rate of Change " glucose change-usually-will last for specified time .so monitoring  of this change   may give us an estimation of the upcoming reading according to a  certain mathematical algorithm 

3-instead of continuous streaming  which consumes high energy -unneeded - and has drawbacks on battery and sensor shelf life !- FSL records history and provides it on demand ; i.e :

with each scan we will get -in addition to the real time reading -an 8 history of our previous glucose history-as  a chart of connected 15 min. points/96 readings :1440/15=96  -disregarding of  reading overlapping  plus a trending arrow based on the previous 15 min. 

with each scan (we will get three types of information  (now/past and future ) 3 in one device !

4.Abbott "launched FSL" has superimposed the world with a unique technology and bring them in touch with feasible solution of  diabetes management  (cost wise and reliability wise -in balance.)

5-Moreover,Abbott Diabetes care , has ignited the spark toward extensive research done by glucose sensing companies .

6-Third parties products(ex.MM1 and 2 ,blucon  ,limiitter and gluconightwatch  -even not approved by Abbott  or FDA-were used with FSL sensor and paired with certain mobiles apps like : (spike ,xdrip+,tomatao)  in order to convert it from FGM to CGM (algorithm is controversial -be careful !).

Simply those products convert FSL from FGM to CGM by acting as transmitter where taking NFC-signals and convert it to Bluetooth one !!