See judge better.. DMS (diabetes management software ) : gather data pulled from glucose meters or logbooks and analyze them in an informative way by representation them in understandable reports and meaningful charts.

Few years  ago,   people who were monitoring their glucose level via CGM or even conventional glucometers became in need of reviewing their recorded data on certain softwares so their can be examined  as understandable reports where hidden information/patterns and trends  are - easily captured.

Moreover,  immediate sharing and continuous follow up become -also -feasible .

 also , in case of insulin  pump where   ; those  extracted reports - which are related to insulin dosing  and much more complicated information  !  -  become of so importance.

Useful link :


1-libreview  : (recent platform developed by (ABBoTT) and  

2-  Diasend   :  

are major examples.... just google them ..

all the below data can be seen via the help of DMS:

* below you will find a link to the most populalr mobile app. used for for iphone and android in diabetes management :

diabetes management apps