there are three smart apps. which can predict our glucose trennds based on various facts.

lets summarize them :

1-Diabits :

is a Canadian DIY companion app that aims to predict your glucose levels ahead of time so you can make adjustments for the future. Currently, Diabits needs at least five days of CGM data to estimate glucose levels one hour into the future and predict nighttime hypoglycemia nine hours in advance. The app uses CGM data, food information that you enter, and smartphone activity data to provide glucose sensing predictions. Diabits is compatible with Dexcom CGM devices with Share (some G4, all G5 and G6 sensors) and available for free for iOS and Android, but it’s not yet available in the US. see for more information :


2-January AI

 uses machine learning to predict a user’s glucose response even without real-time CGM data – making it especially useful for people with type 2 diabetes not on insulin (the app is not currently designed for people with type 1 diabetes). Noosheen Hashemi, Founder and CEO of January AI, provided a look at the future of glucose sensing with its newest algorithm. Users start by wearing a CGM for two weeks so that the January AI algorithm can become familiar with their individual glucose responses. Then, the app can provide predictions for how certain foods or activities may affect glucose levels, as well as tools for staying in range, such as how long to walk after a meal. To get these insights, people take a photo of their food or enter the ingredients into the system, and January AI uses a built-in database of over 16 million foods to identify the nutritional value of what you are eating. January AI uses a paid subscription model – the three month starter package costs $288 and includes two CGMs, a telehealth visit, and access to the app. The app provides information about glucose patterns, but cannot replace a glucose monitoring device. 


 is a free UK-based mobile app that helps people on multiple daily injections of insulin calculate insulin titration and dose timing. Founder and CEO Cyndi Williams shared that using the app, 67% of people spent more Time in Range, and 75% of people had fewer high and low glucose events. Users are asked to log three weeks of information in the app about their meals (size, time eaten, and an optional carb count), basal and bolus insulin doses, and glucose treatments, so the app can gain sufficient insight about the individual. It claims Users can then look at past meals, predict glucose levels for the next five hours, and receive reminders for pre-scheduled events, like mealtimes and insulin doses. For now, the app is available only for people taking insulin via syringe or pen in the EU and select other European countries, and only for iOS